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Serious Illness:  Ten Symptoms to Watch For

If your cat or dog displays any of the following symptoms, we recommend that you seek help from a veterinarian:

  1. Persistent vomiting, bloody vomiting or dry heaves.  Dry heaves can be a symptom of bloat, which occurs very quickly and is an extremely serious condition.
  2. Sudden change of appetite or thirst. 
  3. Rapid weight loss.  There are several conditions that may cause weight loss including kidney disease, metabolic disease (thyroid), heart failure, diabetes, liver problems, and intestinal problems.
  4. Any kind of bleeding, especially in the urine or stool.
  5. Significant change in urination habits.  This could signal kidney disease, infection, bladder stones (uroliths) or some kind of poisoning.
  6. Confusion, staggering, or collapse.  Any of these symptoms may indicate heart problems, brain problems, high blood pressure, hormonal disorders, or that a poisonous substance has been consumed.
  7. Difficulty breathing.
  8. Weakness, lameness, lack of coordination.  A few of the problems that can lead to these symptoms include trauma, infection, heart failure, neurologic disease, cancer, internal disease.
  9. Persistent whining or crying.  This indicates your dog is in pain.
  10. Persistent diarrhea.  This could indicate a severe infection, poisoning, bowel injury, cancer, or an intestinal disease.

Remember:  A little extra weight is a big problem.  2 lbs extra on a 20 lb dog is 10% of his or her body weight! Snacks, overfeeding, unlimited access to food, and lack of exercise are major reasons why nearly 35% of pets are overweight.  With proper nutrition and exercise, your pet can lead a happier, healthier, longer life.  We have several reduced calorie diets that our cats and dogs love as well as low-calorie treats for a healthier pet.